Mini-Task 1: Self Portrait

Using the cameras that you have at home (or whatever method of mark-making you choose) create a self-portrait. Phone cameras will be fine.

This task is designed to pull you out of your comfort zone so experiment. If you don’t like the images you take, indentify the issues, make changes and try something different. Making mistakes is part of the creative process. Look for the nice light available to you within your homes and see how the light affects the mood of the image. Have a go at adjusting exposure, contrast, colour on your camera. Try different angles, prop your camera (blue tack can be helpful here) and make sure you use your longest timer and also use the better lens on your camera to get good quality images which should be the one on the back. Use the selfie screen to frame the image.

I’d recommend you watch this great video by Trevor Wentt which explores how you can take portraits of yourself using what you already have available to you:

Here are the links to some great mother photographers who use self-portraiture in their work:

Good luck! When you’ve got something you’re happy with we’d love to see your work, email or tag your posts on Instagram with #motherslifeinlockdown