Mini Task 7: A year in pictures

There’s a lot that can be said for documenting, capturing and reflecting on life events through images. 

An image that didn’t feel significant at the time of being taken can signify much more than its original purpose, years down the line. Those loved ones we lose, oh how we wish we had more images of them so we can drink them in and absorb their memory after they’ve gone. 

Apps like ‘time hop’ (as we’re entering a decade of social media) have really started to come into their own recently. Those memories, the nostalgia, all wrapped up in grainy photographs of the younger versions of ourselves and our loved ones. 

One purpose of ’The Mothers’ project is to encourage mothers to document their lives, and that doesn’t just mean the lives of those around us. Make sure you are in the images too. Give the camera to someone else, and say, ‘can you take a photograph of me?’ 

It also means to document and make note of the tough times as well as the good times. Looking back and reflecting on how far you’ve come, on the changes you’ve made, and how you got through those difficult times can be really helpful in processing emotions. 

Today’s task is to look through your camera roll for the last year. Can you select the images you’ve taken that capture how you’ve felt since the pandemic has been in your life? 

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