Mini-task 8: Self-initiated brief

The #motherslifeinlockdown participatory project is coming to an end in the next couple of months and the last project will be a little more open and explorative than the previous mini-tasks. 

Bearing in mind all of the previous tasks, and all of the skills learned, the next task is to set yourself a brief. 

Will it be related to ‘celebrate the mundane’, collecting patterns, an exploration of #typology, using window light, a collection of self-portraits, re-using old pictures, re-visiting the journey task, a day in the life

It can literally be ANYTHING that explores your experiences of motherhood in lockdown in a purposeful way. Set yourself some rules for your task.

Will you focus on the same place at the same time of day, every day for a week? (See Paul Graham’s ‘Mother’ series)

Will you create a typology of items that your children discard randomly around the house? (See Luke Stevenson’s work)

Will you photograph your children unmade beds everyday? (See Alejandra Regalado)  

Will you photograph the dinner table after every meal for a week? (See Alejandro Cartagena)

Will you document your relationships with your loved ones in a candid and unposed way? (See Cheryle St Onge)

Will you document the beautiful, ordinary moments of everyday motherhood? (See Dawn Yow)

Will you photograph spaces that display signs of human activity? (See Palmer Davis – Here and Now)

Will you construct self-portraits that tell a story? (See Annie Wang  Mother as a creator, and Jocelyn Allen —One is not like the other)

Will you reference old images and introduce illustration or embroidery, or collage? (See Helen Sargeant)

Have fun with your brief, but don’t set anything too open. Set rules and parameters for yourself and make sure it reflects part of your life that is easily accessible.   

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