By Lorraine

(In response to the ‘a year in photos’ task)

When lockdown was announced I thought I had to survive on purely the food in the house.

I got Covid at the same time and was quite ill for about 5 weeks at home with my child.  I was told to stay home and could only be tested if I was hospitalised. It was a period of real fear and anxiety, however I started to get better and soon realised how scary isolation had been. 

My child was happy being at home, comfy and confident in completing school work, which was limited at the outset. I worked from home and the sunshine gave us great opportunity to use free time exercising. We cycled all over Salford and found routes I had explored over 20 years previous, plus new ones. This was definitely good to keep us fit and mentally well. 

The things I valued the most were family, nature and birds. 

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