By Karen

(A year in photos)

I can’t quite believe it’s been a year already, somehow it feels like time has stood still. Maybe it’s something to do with the slower pace of life or just getting older?! I remember watching as the horror of the Pandemic started to impact Europe. The daily rising of the death tolls in Italy and Spain (little did we know that our numbers were going to vastly outnumber them). My sister and her partner were heading to Rome for his birthday and I was getting very anxious for them.

I thought I was relatively organized with shopping, I remember getting up early the Tuesday just before lockdown. I was astonished by the amount of people in Tesco’s already loading their shopping into their boots after they had wiped it down. I was the only one in the shop wearing a mask and gloves and I think people thought I was mad. I bought some Easter eggs, turns out wasn’t the best purchase and they were long gone before Easter!!

The weeks that followed we’re frought with trying to get home deliveries and I had a hungry Teen. I was self isolating due to health issues (some insurance companies won’t insure me). Our neighbour was self-isolating too and as she lived on her own she had shopping priority and she gladly bought us some essentials. Likewise we would return the favour if she ever needed anything.

There were random act’s of kindness, someone who lived on our road had made flyers telling us they were happy to help.

The first time we took part in the Thursday night clapping I was in tears, we could hear and see other people. We didn’t go out for a very long time, we busied ourselves with a garden renovation. My parents hired us a skip for my birthday.

The weather was glorious and a 8ft paddling pool just about fitted into our tiny safe space.

VE day came and went, I encouraged the boys to keep diaries kept telling them that we were living through History, but they soon gave up.

There has been a lot of baking when we eventually could get ingredients and we’ve settled into our new normal. Luckily the boys had already decided they wanted to grow their hair before the pandemic.

There have only been a couple of DIY hair attempts.

Getting a puppy really helped the boys, and luckily he is one cuddly, soppy pooch. My husband and I have both had our first vacations and the boys are being tested twice a week which really does give you peace of mind.

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