By Priya

In response to the ‘celebrate the mundane’ task

I wandered around my house looking for some mundane pictures to take and these images stood out to me for their pattern and uniformity. It reminded me of those obscure photographs where you had to name the object that used to be in the Newspaper. The little flaws and variances are emphasised by the defining of a pattern. I really liked the tones on the wrinkled sheet and it was a good exercise in getting my camera settings right to get the tone depth and range. 

We have had so much free flow as a family through lockdown and I appreciate some of it, but I also cling to semblance of normality and routine – sometimes just to have something to rebel against! My house is generally quite messy at the moment with little pockets of order,  and I feel tied to and responsible for a lot of it. I find myself turning into a nag and realise it’s time to go for a walk or do something creative.  For this task it felt quite therapeutic to zoom in on some things that escaped the randomness and enjoy objects for being themselves. 

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