Mini-task 6: Celebrate the mundane

The kids are back to school (a little bit longer to wait if you’re not in England), but life won’t be returning to normal for a while yet. Life will continue to revolve around mundane daily tasks for the time being. 

Use the next task to document the drudgery of everyday life, and those little details that your little loves leave behind. 

You can approach this in whatever way you would like. For example, you could find beauty in ‘the everyday’, or create a visual diary of gratitude; documenting beautiful light streaming through grubby fingerprints on the windows, or children’s muddy knees from playing outside.

Subversively, if things are feeling particularly tough at the moment you could collect a visual diary of indignation; document the things that wind you up, collect images of emptied out pocket-contents on the dining table, or that pile of shoes and coats that don’t quite make it to the place where they actually live, or you could document the daily piles of washing up by the sink.

It would be wonderful to see the different ways that the task is interpreted. Don’t forget to tag your posts #motherslifeinlockdown if sharing on social media. 

For inspiration look at artist Dawn Yow (@ohhellodawn on Instagram)

Jordi Huisman

Palmer Davis ‘Here and now”  

Martin Parr

Doug Dubois

Elinor Carucci

William Eggleston

Rinko Kawauchi

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