By Hannah

(in response to the ‘journey’ task)

This is the journey of a new bed and a shift for the better in my relationship with my 16 year old.

We hadn’t been getting along.

There’s been tears from us both, arguing, silence. Teenage transition can be tough for a lot of people.

For me, I struggled with letting go. Which was hard to see, I mean this is my last child, I’ve done this three other times….but I realised I was holding on to my last baby.

I remember my sister asking me why I still get her dressed in the morning age 6!  There was no one thing or even a list of things I can write down, sorry vague and unhelpful.

I have been called overpowering and manipulative. I was stifling my last child, holding onto my baby. 

Anyway the journey of a new bed was the first time in a while that we had a common purpose and extra task of taking photos.

We had fun.

As you can see I let go and took pictures instead of giving instructions on how I think it should be done. I am still learning to be a better mother and that means with each stage our children go through we have to adapt and change with it.

Special thanks to Mia for helping to create the collage.

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