By Priya

(In response to the ‘journey’ task)

Lockdown has meant we have spent a lot more time indoors – specifically in our own house together as a family of five. Feeling uncertain about the future has definitely affected my ability to connect with the moment at times, though when I manage to do it it really lessens my worries and allows me to feel a huge amount of gratitude.

Where we live we are lucky to have the sea on our doorstep and there is something about the North Sea that just blasts everything away, though wrapping up very warm is a prerequisite in the Winter Months. 

A few days ago I accompanied my husband who is a chef and foraging guide on a walk with my camera to get some pictures for a community project he is doing.  I ended up being bewitched by the beauty everywhere and taking a lot more photographs than we strictly needed. It is such a great reminder than when we look there is so much more to see, always. 

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