Mini-Task 2: Journey

Using the cameras that you have at home (or whatever method of mark-making you choose) document a journey.

The theme of ‘Journeys’ can be interpreted in many ways, and in a lockdown where travel is limited bear this in mind.

Do you want to document a journey, literally? A walk to the park, a drive to the shops or dash around a supermarket? Or something smaller like the journey from your bed to the bathroom in the morning. A journey can be anything that has a start, then some progression or motion, and finally an end point. Think, how could this be interpreted within our own mini Covid-restricted universes?

Have a look at street photographers, and documentary photographers whose work focuses in on those moments of movement and action when documenting ‘the everyday’.

Here are some examples of artists to look at:

Laura Reid
Gulnara Samoilova
Megan Kwasniak
Efrat Sela
Cat Byrnes
Emily Garthwaite
Peter Fraser

Beyond Photography there are many ways to interepret the concept of a journey, and here (below), Sandra Meech uses mixed media to represent ‘a walk over thick ice of Baker Lake’. Meech uses photography, drawing, painting, collage and stitching to embroider landscapes and nature and journeys:

Sandra Meech, Off the wall.

Guy Debord, below, was part of the group, The Situationists, who invented the term, ‘Psychogeography‘, an inventive method of exploring cities which encouraged pedestrians to move away from their usual, predictable trajectory. The idea is that these maps help people to enjoy the environment around them in new, playful and immersive ways.

Guy Debord – The Naked City, 1957
Larissa Fassler focusses on non-places to form “a succession of autonomous worlds” 

There is also the possibility of showing a journey in a metaphorical way. You could focus on the progression of time in the past year during the pandemic, the growth or your children and the things you’ve learned in the process. You could represent your own personal journey, or the journey of your family. You can also refer back to, or use old photos or footage in this task if you’d like to.

Bill Voila, Nantes Triptich, 1992 WARNING: This video includes footage of a woman in childbirth and a woman in her last moments before dying

Tracey Emin – Exploration of the Soul

Finally, you could look at the project in a conceptual way. The exploration of the theme ‘journey’ could be enough. Could you create a piece of work where the process was the actual art work itself.

Hamish Fulton
Richard Long, A line made by walking, 1967
Andy Goldsworthy

Send any works in progress or finished pieces which you’d like to share to or tag your pictures with #motherslifeinlockdown on Instagram.

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