By Georgina

I took this photo on Tuesday 5th January 2021, at around 13:00pm. 

The 5th January was the first day of lockdown number 3 in the uk, and it meant my two children had not gone back to school, and with such a last minute decision from government. Thrown into the deep end. 

It was also my first day back at work after two weeks off over Christmas. I expected it to be a busy day, and I had not been looking forward to returning to work because of that. I really needed to be concentrating on getting back into work mode.

I was happy that my children were at home, but in contrast to the first lockdown, there was now the sudden expectation to support children to homeschool. I attempted to juggle the first morning back at work, and the first morning of homeschooling two primary-age children, with growing feelings of anxiety, frustration, and despair. By lunchtime, everyone was angry and upset.

Nature is a big part of our lives anyway, and we are lucky to live on the edge of a town where we can access country walks within minutes of our home. We went for a lunchtime break, knowing it would make us all feel better. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. 

The effect on all of us was almost instantaneous. This imagine captures me in a moment of serenity; feeling the warmth of the sun, and feeling the comfort of it. I experienced a real sense of perspective, having left the stress of the house and the responsibility of work and homeschooling, to just BE. I vowed in that moment to accept my limitations as a person and a mother, and to not expect to be able to do it all. We have not had a morning like that since.

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