By Priya

In response to the portrait exercise

Twenty twenty has felt more stagnant than most years, since lockdown began there has  been a general feeling of claustrophobia that I realise is totally relative.

We have enough space, very generous if you consider past generations all piled into a room or two or the many people who are living in technically overcrowded situations and yet the one dimensional situation with the same people day in and out can start to wear on you.

This picture was an attempt to break through a creeping apathy that is really familiar right now. I want to feel more present and alive so I tried moving in different ways – something I have been exploring for a while now in creative practice.

The photograph itself isn’t that well taken and there is clutter and blur but I think it shows spontaneity and dynamic motion which I both long for and know that is still possible if only in micro ways for the time being.  

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