By Alison

Our son has always sat with me when I dry my hair. When he was a baby he lay in my lap and smiled when the warm air drifted over him, after baths he would sit on the potty wrapped in a towel while I dried his hair. 

He got older and used to lie behind me wrapped around me like a cat, he’s eyes quietly watching the reflection in the mirror. 

The same mirror (usually this dirty with hand prints etc) same hairdryer, same brush. 

Now, still when he hears the hairdryer he appears at our bedroom door and plants himself next to me. I asked him last week why he likes to be near when the hairdryer is on. He said it makes him feel warm and calm and that it helps him remember stuff. 

I like that. 

I’m not sure how much longer he will sit beside me while I dry my hair so I am going to love it and hold on to it for now as life is so full on right now but I like this reflection in our dirty mirror.

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