By Karen

In response to the self-portrait mini task

I guess having lived with an autoimmune disorder for 10yrs I was in a good position to deal with lockdowns. When you have to manage your time and plan your days so your body and mind don’t become too exhausted can be frustrating. In lockdown everyone is in the same boat, so on a selfish note I don’t feel like I’m missing out anymore. I’ve been able to join Zoom birthday parties, mix my own cocktails and have a chat with friends from my kitchen. Instead of dragging myself to a bar to struggle to hear what people are saying. 

Creatively Covid has been great for me…It’s given me the time and opportunity to develop my work, break out the paints and enjoy myself. I’ve done a 12 weeks online course with a fabulous group of women, the encouragement and inspiration has been brilliant. The whole process of meeting on a Monday to be set a weekly painting challenge has been exactly what I needed to keep me focused. The course also gave me the tools to get to grips with Photoshop. Something I’ve tried to do a few times, but this course was specifically geared towards textile designers and digitizing artwork.

The home schooling isn’t great though…I’m dyslexic as is my youngest son, so I’ve had to try to help him as much as possible. Thankfully BBC BITESIZE has been wonderful and the online lessons have been great this time round. Luckily my eldests just get’s on with things but I just have to make sure he’s not on his phone during lessons. I’ve found him a couple of times watching guitar tutorials on YouTube when he’s meant to be paying attention to his online maths lesson. He’s got another Mock exam in February, but this time it will be online. It’s amazing how they have adapted to this new way of living. I’m so proud of them..I think out new addition in the form of a fur baby puppy has helped them.

I just took the photo spur of the moment on todays puppy walk…walking in all weather’s seems the norm now. And no way would I be dragging myself out in the pouring rain now school runs are a thing of the past. It just made me laugh; shit and pupples, that sums things up right now. My husband thought the 8ft paddling pool was the worse lockdown purchase, I think he’s changed his mind now.

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