The Mothers project is an archive of stories and photographs that show womens’ real experiences of motherhood. It has been running for 9 years and is produced by photographer Rebecca Lupton.

During the lockdown in the UK it became apparent that parents, and mothers in particular, were facing unique and unfamiliar challenges.

With lockdown restrictions in place, unable to visit families and collect images in same way during the Covid 19 pandemic, The Mothers Project has temporarily adapted. It is currently running as a participatory art project where mothers are encouraged to document their experiences of motherhood, in lockdown, from their own homes.

With artist talks, mini-projects, one-to-one mentoring sessions, support and guidance the women involved in the project have taken the role of ‘artist/mother’ and will spend the next 6 months gathering images that illustrate their time in lockdown.

This site is their work in progress – an online sketchbook – which will show their explorations as they experience #motherslifeinlockdown.

Even if you’ve not enroled in the programme, mothers located all over the world are invited to join in with this art project throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Feel free to follow the mini-tasks and join in on social media by sharing your images using the #motherslifeinlockdown hashtag.

To view the participants work in progress click here.

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